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Lady Viagra (sildenafil) can be suggested for girl patients that are incapable to obtain contentment when having sex and experience absence of sexual libido that could be created by both bodily and emotional aspects.

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Warmth or inflammation in your face, problem, memory troubles, indigestion, pain in the back, and a few other signs are all possible adverse effects of Female Viagra that normally vanish by themselves.

The following are light adverse effects of Viagra you might obtain however that are not anticipated to getting even worse: headache, backache, stuffy nose, and muscular tissue pains.

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You can be prescribed 25 mg, 50 milligrams or 100 milligrams of Viagra, although those doses can be integrated with each other to assist the patient accomplish erections of needed solidity each time they take the medication.

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Tell your health treatment service provider if you have any type of allergic reactions.

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